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Madelyn Shea is a sculptor, makeup artist, and practical effects artist whose prosthetics, body props, and makeups embody her desensitization to the macabre, strange, mythological, and natural occurrences that she imagines happening to her own body and the bodies of those she cares for. The three-dimensional work unites creative storytelling and theatrical makeup fabrication to present fantastical art based in reality and empathy. Her tactile hand building, casting, molding, and painting with stone plasters, silicones, and rubbers create pieces that imitate her inner narrative dialogue regarding physical transformation.  


Madelyn’s fabrication begins with a story concept derived from previous reference experience such as pathological images, crime scene documentation, anatomical research, mythical lore, or personal familiarity. Her extensive construction processes require significant material planning and budgeting, as well as preliminary two-dimensional design. Using clay, plaster, silicone, and rubber, she can birth unthinkable creatures, rotten bodies, beautiful devils, unattainable standards, and inevitable aging. 


Since 2018, Madelyn's work in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana indie, short, and commercial film has enriched her personal work through career and skill-based evolution. Daily, she strives to meld her contemporary artistry with her professional artistry.

Madelyn was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where she stills continues to base her makeup effects practice. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the spring of 2023. Madelyn has produced beauty and special makeup looks in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for three feature films, six short-films, a film trailer, a music video, and a product commercial. She was awarded two Outstanding Achievement awards from LA film festivals for her prosthetic makeup work on the short-film, Holy Zombie (2020). Aside from makeup effects, Madelyn enjoys spending any time she can in nature, lifting weights, and canoeing.



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